Are you thinking about learning how to code?

We have great news!

We've just released a curriculum along with learning materials, slides, videos, and everything you could need to cover the computer skills that students need before they start learning how to code.

We cover everything from how to turn the computer on, to file naming, to how the internet works.

Email with your name, school, and the approximate age of your students. We'll send you right back the complete curriculum and materials, as well as a phone number so you can call with any questions you may have, right away!

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What is Codapillar?

Codapillar began when two young technology students were tasked with teaching a few summer camps and workshops on how to code. After trying countless resources and tools to help students, the same problems kept surfacing, and students were getting frustrated. Eventually, we decided to go off-book, create a custom curriculum and teach them the tools that professional web developers were using. We saw a huge leap in our students success, and also in their happiness. Now we're running into these students at hackathons, and watching them build incredible software for the future.

Schools need a computer science curriculum that students love

As our world becomes increasingly digital, we need to start understanding how the digital world works earlier in life. Students need to start being exposed to code and computers early on. Even more importantly than simply exposing our students to computer science, is to give them a positive experience with it.

Codapillar provides a platform that allows students and teachers to excel at coding

Codapillar sets out to provide the highest quality curriculum and learning and teaching materials so that all parties involve feel confident in their ability to build cool, useful things on the computer. Not only students, but the teachers should feel inspired. And any school should be able to afford that experience.

Codapillar's unique platform provides a space for the students to write, test, and play with their code, in the same place that their learning materials are integrated. The students work with their classmates, school, or community at large to solve technical problems, and also to interact with their friends through creative technology.

Codapillar Team

Co-founders, Julie Gauthier & Olga Bogomolova

Julie and Olga met as students at Pace University, working in the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. While working together on organizing and teaching technology at two summer camps focussed on STEM education, they quickly became close friends. Olga was finishing up a BBA in Finance, while Julie was finishing her BS in Computer Science. Their skillsets complimented each other's perfectly. It didn't take long to realize that this was the perfect team of two hard workers, who shared a passion and vision for empowering the world with technology. After working on several large projects, from summer camps and web development seminars to a hardware/software project based out of Finland, Julie and Olga decided to team up to make Codapillar.

Julie Gauthier

Julie graduated from Pace University in May 2015 with a BS in Computer Science, and minors in Art and Mathematics. While at Pace University, she was the executive director and lead developer of Seidenberg Creative Labs, a web and mobile development agency run by students. While in college, Julie discovered an unexpected love for teaching as coach for the Lego Robotics team with the middle school students at the Chapin School. During the summers, Julie mentored and taught at the Seidenberg Summer Scholars Experience and Pace STEM Camp, while working with her peers to develop apps for use in classrooms around New York City. After several experiences as a Teaching Assistant in various web design and development courses, Julie has returned to Pace University as an adjunct professor, teaching Web Scripting. She also enjoys volunteering at the FIRST Technology Challenge tournaments around the country.

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Olga Bogomolova

Olga is a creative, enthusiastic and adventurous young professional living in New York. She has a background and a bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics, and a newly discovered passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Olga is one of those people that loves learning and education, both traditional and not; she finds it very motivating being in a physical or virtual space with like-minded explorers that are hungry for new knowledge. Olga loves working with teams and enabling people to go beyond their boundaries and conquer their fears. Aside from working with talented and creative teams, Olga loves to travel, fly, dance, run, ski, box, surf, explore world cuisines and meet people. Olga also like to test her boundaries and conquer new, unexplored territories.

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